Workday HCM Training Gives You Full Access to All the Benefits of The System

Workday HCM Training Gives You Full Access to All the Benefits of The System


Workday HCM or Human Capital Management is based on real-time cases. It will allow you to understand people’s skills and help build a talent management program. The entire process will accelerate your abilities to handle future goals. But managing the system or using it according to your need is not an easy task. For that, you need proper guidance and training.

Cloud Foundation has launched its exclusive Workday HCM Training Program for HR to get the most benefits of Workday HCM services. workday gms tenant access by Cloud Foundation will allow you to get online classes according to your time.

About the Course-

Workday HCM Training session includes 36 videos relevant to the topic, including the introduction of Workday HCM. Here are the full details.

  • What is HCM?
  • What is Workday?
  • What are the Main Concepts in Workday and Basics Navigation?
  • Organizations in Workday.
  • Staffing in Workday.
  • Compensation configuration.
  • Security Configuration.
  • Business Process configuration.
  • iLoads Module.
  • Reports module.
  • Calculated Fields Module.
  • EIB module.
  • Connectors in Workday.
  • CanopY project in Workday.
  • Mock Interviews with Questions and Answers Discussion.
  • Certification Preparation Session.
  • Resume Preparation Help.
  • Post Job Support.

The whole program of Workday HCM training is based on how effectively you can use the HRMS ERP system. The entire system supports enterprises’ Hire to Retire solution, but individuals can also grab the course to enhance their professional abilities.

The course by Cloud Foundation is perfectly designed for both Individual and Corporate sectors that want to provide training to the employees.

Plans of Workday HCM training-

There are three plans available on the platform, depending on the audience.

  • Self-Paced Plan- The plan works best for those who want to enhance their skill in the field of Hiring. Grabbing the course will allow you unlimited access, advance sessions, interview Q&A, free study materials, and premium technical support. It will cost you only $359. But this month, Cloud Foundation is providing 50% off on this course, which means you only have to pay $ 179.5.
  • Instructor-Led Live Training- The course has the same features as the above-discussed plan. The plan is best for small enterprises and entrepreneurs. The whole session will cost only $ 599, including lifetime access.
  • Corporate Training- Corporate sectors that want to offer training for their employees to run the Hiring to retiring process properly without any hassle can grab this plan. The plan is customizable and gives your employees personal training according to their time. To activate the plan, you must contact the Cloud Foundation support team.

Final Words-

Workday is a web-based ERP Software vendor it works in Human Capital Management Sector. To get the full privilege, one needs to get professional training. Workday gms tenant access will allow you to go through the same process used by the most skilled person in the industries.